About Country Anthem

Welcome to my online store. Each and every item in my inventory is sourced from a USA based makers 

Details about my business:

  • This site is funded and ran by myself (Denise Tinsley) 
  • I sell things I like, not all women like dainty/frilly things. Some of us like the outdoors and purchasing unique hand made goods. 
  • We are based out of Nashville Tennessee.
  • It started 2 years ago when I purchased a hand made bracelet from a local maker. I started selling her items on ebay and have continued to offer my marketing and selling services to a handful of other makers. I only buy from people I know and trust. I am from Missouri also known as the "Show Me State". I don't trust easily and the people I sell for undergo a vetting process on a few sample orders then they must prove they are willing to customize orders. 
  • I started out on ebay and still sell on ebay. I created this website because I wanted to start building a community around my interest. 
  • My team consists of myself, my husband, and 12 year old son.
  • Contact me if you are interested in having me resell your handmade products or if you are interested in special orders.
  • Contact me at (615)772-8255 or fill out the contact form below.